Doxiadis Associates


Georgetown Waterfront, Washington - USA

Services Provided by Doxiadis Associates:

Development of five possible development schemes for Georgetown waterfront, of Washington D.C.

In each development scheme, the freeway system was tunnelled underneath the waterfront, over which plazas, terraces and gardens would lead to a traffic-free view across the Potomac river.
An underground parking garage was designed for about 4,000 cars.

Islamabad - The New Capital of Pakistan

Services Provided by Doxiadis Associates:

Following the decision of the Pakistan Government to create a new capital to serve as a symbol of the emergent nation after its independence, Doxiadis Associates was appointed as:

Master Plan for Bumi Serpong Damai New City - Indonesia

Project Details:

The study sponsored by a private Developer, concerns with the development of a
new satellite city some 25 km west of the capital city of Jakarta, to accommodate
a population of 580,000 inhabitants.

The study area covers approximately 7,400 hectares, of which 3,900 hectares were acquired by the Developer

Services Provided by Doxiadis Associates:

Development Plan for Six Aegean Sea Islands - Greece

Project Details:

Formulation of a regional development plan for 6 islands in the south-eastern Aegean Sea without disturbing the balance of the ecosystem of the region.

The plan considered the development potentials of each area and a natural resources management programme was formulated for the protection and preservation of agricultural land, forests and coastal zones from the effects of overwhelming concentration of tourists activities.

Master Plan and Regional Development of Serres Municipality - Greece

Services Provided by Doxiadis Associates:
Preparation of the Regional Development Plan of the Municipality of Serres (total area 25,000 hectares) and the Master Plans of the City of Serres and nine other settlements of the Municipality.
Stage A includes:
Stage B includes:

Master Plan and Regional Development for Municipality of Heraklion at Kos Island - Greece

Services Provided by Doxiadis Associates:
Master plans and Regional Development Study for the Municipality of Heraklidon and depending settlements in the Dodecanese island of Kos, for an area of 16,500 hectares comprising five settlements.